Powerweapons Loyalty Discount
Powerweapons offers single as well as recurring subscriptions, but we firmly believe that each member's presence and participation makes the site a better place, not only for them but also for the artists, authors, and other members as well. Therefore we have designed a discount program that is meant to encourage members to maintain continuing relationships with the site by making it as affordable to do so as it could be to subscribe occasionally but disappear in the interim.

This program rewards loyal and steadfast members with an initial discount of $4.00 off of their original subscription rate (which is already $5.00 lower than the single subscription rate) in the second month of their membership, and then an additional $1.00 off for each month that their subscription recurs. Ultimately culminating in a final rate of only $10.95 which will continue to be valid until the subscription is either cancelled or it expires.

Under the Powerweapons Discount Program a member who stayed with the site over the long term could actually end up paying less than one who subscribed intermittently, and in such a case they would have had continual, instead of sporadic access during the entire period in question. This would obviously put them on the receiving end of a much better value, which is exactly what the program is designed to accomplish... to provide more access at a better value over the long term.
There's nothing special that needs to be done in order qualify for, enroll in, or take advantage of this discount program. It covers all recurring memberships by default and applies the appropriate discount for each subscription automatically. The whole point of the program is to make it as simple, easy, and affordable as possible for members to stay and enjoy the site on a continuing basis. And to reward them for their loyalty and participation because we value their presence on the site.
The moment you signup you will receive instant access to Powerweapons and all of it's artwork, stories, and
it's community. All while being rewarded for your loyalty each month by progressively increasing value at a progressively decreasing cost. In fact the sooner you get started the sooner you can begin your cumulative savings, so what are you waiting for? Join Now!
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