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There are many sites out there where one can find Shemale, Dickgirl, and Futa material. Some sites even focus on these topics exclusively. So why should you consider spending your hard earned money to subscribe to Powerweapons? One very important and compelling reason is that Powerweapons is fanatical about respecting and supporting the artists who create the images and artwork that we all love.

The sad truth is that many sites that offer such content are filled with stolen images that are posted without permission and even with blatant disregard and defiance to the expressed wishes of the artist to remove them. This can be very discouraging to an artist who has spent his valuable time and effort to create something awesome, then shared it in some fashion of his choosing, only to have the control of their work wrested from them and used without their permission by sites and individuals with whom they have no productive relationship. The ultimate effect of such villany is to discourage artists and make them less likely to create new artwork, or share their artwork when they do.
Conversely every single image, story, and element on Powerweapons is posted with the artist's explicit permission and consent, or is directly posted by the artists themselves. Once posted their artwork is held in a gallery or library devoted exclusively to their work, and they have access to personal forums in their profiles to communicate with, and receive encouragement and feedback from their fans. Their profiles are also formatted to allow them to associate a description of themselves, links to favorite sites that they would like to promote such as a personal blog or other resource, and optionally their email address for personal correspondence.

Additionally each artist is given a personal url to promote themselves and the site, which is tied to a revenue sharing affiliate program so that they can directly benefit from their efforts. Furthermore there is a monthly art contest which can be viewed as a reward for exceptional work in the form of an open and continuing monthly competitive commission, and also as a topical and fun way to collaborate and share ideas and styles with other artists and the site's members.

In all these ways and several others Powerweapons seeks to empower and encourage artists and authors, and to create an environment in which they can thrive and feel respected and nourished. If you like shemale, dickgirl, and futa artwork and stories it makes no sense to support sites or resources that discourage or disregard the amazing artists that create it. On the other hand supporting a site like Powerweapons which cares about and supports the artists who are the source of the content we all enjoy not only benefits them but benefits all of us including you. That's what's called a win-win situation, and is a very compelling reason to Join Now!
Powerweapons Loyalty Discount
In order to encourage and reward participation Powerweapons features a Loyalty Discount program that reduces the price of a member's subscription each time that the subscription renews. Click for details
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