Reasons To Participate
One of the first and most obvious reasons to share your artwork and/or stories on Powerweapons is that the site offers a free membership to all participating artists and authors. This provides anyone who loves shemale, dickgirl, and futa content and has the desire, skills, and imagination to create their own artwork and stories a chance to join the Powerweapons community by sharing their work in exchange for full and unrestricted access to the site. And gives them the ability to see and share in the work of all the other artists and authors who have done the same.

The only thing required to qualify for this free membership offer is that you grant Powerweapons permission to host your original artwork and/or stories
in a gallery or library devoted to you on the site. This permission only encompasses the actual items you post, or request us to post for you, and it is non-exclusive in nature, which means that you sacrifice little by granting it since you retain complete control of your work and can, of course, continue to use it however you like, including posting it on your own site or other sites.
Getting setup as an artist or author is very straightforward and easy. There are no forms to fill out, there is no money to exchange, no credit card authorization, and we will never misuse your name or personal information. All you have to do is send us an email with one or two of your original images and/or stories to start with your gallery or library, specify what you would like your artist name to be, and optionally include a paragraph or two about yourself and/or your artwork for your profile page. Then we'll get everything set up for you and email you your new username and password.

Like all site memberships the artist and author accounts have expiration dates associated with them, and since the whole point of the offer is to encourage participation it is not one in which someone can expect to receive lifetime access to the site for a single image or story. However, the site is set up so that every time your gallery or library is updated, or you upload an entry to one of the monthly contests, your account is automatically extended. Therefore as long as you remain even slightly active on the site you shouldn't ever have to worry about not being able to get in. And if you ever do go through a period of inactivity and your account expires or you are locked out for some reason you can always send us an email and we'll get you back onboard.

The bottom line is that Powerweapons is intended to be a partnership for the creation, encouragement, and enjoyment of shemale, dickgirl, and futa artwork and stories. If you are interested in participating in and contributing to that goal by sharing your own original work then the site's Free Membership Offer is just the first of many good reasons to ask any questions you might have, and then ultimately get set up as an artist or author by Contacting Us Now.
Powerweapons Partner Program
As a way to directly share the subscription proceeds of the site with artists and authors, the Powerweapons Partner Program pays over 50% of the initial membership sign-up and of every recurring sale originating from an artist's referrals. Click for details
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