Contest 101: Shemale Succubi
Contest for 06/30/2013 through 08/15/2013
Prizes: $125.00, $75.00, $50.00
According to a popular online encyclopedia "a succubus (plural succubi) is a female demon or supernatural entity that appears in dreams, who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual intercourse..." It goes on to state that although succubi have often been depicted as demonic they have, in recent times, also been depicted as highly attractive seductresses or enchantresses. In actuality, most modern portrayals of succubi seem to portray them as very attractive whether they are demonic or not. In fact, particularly for this contest, the idea of them being attractive is almost a foregone conclusion and a much more interesting question, considering the special nature of their endowments, would be the exact manifestation of the intercourse that they would be seducing their men into. Would they be enticing their man to enter them, or would they tempt and/or trick him into letting himself be mounted and taken? In any event, whether your succubus is a traditional, winged, demonic vixen, or an individualized interpretation following a more personal inspiration, the 'Succubi' theme will give us all a chance to both figuratively and literally visualize and portray the seductresses of our dreams. And that should make it a very interesting theme indeed!
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